Romantic Love Stories

Love has been said to exist in 3 stages, lust, attraction, and attachment. As well as for many of us, this is a well known fact. However, what many of us may well not realize is, recent surveys have demostrated the brain, releases a specific set of chemicals, when individuals will be in love.

Best romance stories

These chemicals include Pheromones, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin. Without getting technical, the result is a feeling of euphoria or excitement.

This chemical effect and lust, is considered to not last more than a few months, and it is the original emotion which can be experienced in romantic love.

The second stage of affection is, attraction, and is usually depending on physical attraction, common interest, and attributes, for example money, status, job title, standing in the city, popularity, etc.

The first two stages of affection, lust and attraction, usually are not enough to make a long term relationship. The 3rd stage of affection, "attachment" is needed to sustain a permanent relationship.

It must be noted, that attachment is avoided, by any means by some lovers, especially if they are hurt in the past. This usually is the situation, each time a couple may be dating for just two or 90 days, and it is all totally great until eventually, one partner constitutes a sudden go on to exit the partnership. Anxiety about attachment could be a huge barrier, when attempting to get your mate person to state, "I do."

Following your a feeling of excitement and euphoria, wear thin after a couple of months, this is how mature actions, must be applied if a relationship would be to last. For many, the lost of the euphoria is just too much, and so they follow the feeling to a new relationship and start all over again with someone new.

A love story follows the events each time a couple makes it through all three stages. Movies, novels, and short love stories which give this kind of entertainment, supply a means for the viewer or reader to "remember," once they too felt that way. This kind of entertainment reinforces our belief and faith in love.

Best romance stories

A sad love story occurs when one partner doesn't survive all the stages, and also this type of entertainment allows us to to fix our very own broken heart along the way.

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